Friday, September 3, 2010

A tidbit

Sometimes architects talk funny. Not funny ha-ha. Funny weird. It's not their fault. They learn it in school.
It's called Talkitecture. It's their language.
When dealing with a human in the architect genus one must remember that one is dealing with an animal that is at once extremely left-brained and extremely right-brained. And you want that. You want a human who can both do long division AND paint. A mathematician AND an artist. You want a beautiful space to live in AND you want the walls to meet at the corners, don't you? Sure, ya do.

Anywho, when the mood strikes, look here to build your talkitecture vocabulary.
Let's start with these two:

Circulation corridor. This means hallway.
Glazing. This means windows.

Make flashcards. Study often.

This dog says: Huh? What?


  1. is that "genus" or "genius" either way, an odd species.

  2. yeahhhh, ya got me. it's genus. like penus.