Monday, September 13, 2010

The honey-do list grows

Yeah, yeah, I know, every day it's another thing to do and see. But, it's fall, dear reader, the New Year for all things creative; everybody's back from vacation -- shaking out the turtlenecks, pulling out the boots, pondering toddies -- and museums and theaters get the big shows (Picasso's on his way to the Seattle Art Museum even as I write this), and so, yes, here is another go-do: Suyama Space.
This is the art gallery portion of the offices of Suyama Peterson Deguchi Architects in Seattle. They have one big room devoted to one big piece. Only two shows hosted each year; January and September. ALWAYS worth it. It's George Suyama, Rick Peterson, Jay Deguchi, for God's sake. Plus, usually somebody has to buzz you in. Not Friday, baby.
Friday is the artist's reception for Nascent by Gerri Sayler (plus you kinda get to snoop around the offices of one of Seattle's truly most magnificent team of architects)
At this show you will sip your free cheap wine (alert!) under a dripping gossamer film of more than 2,000 filigree ribbons of hot glue: "Evocative of rippling water frozen in time and space, the hand-sculpted translucent fibers cascade from an overhead grid running the length of the gallery. The diaphanous membrane animates the senses and skews perception, de-materializing in the play of light and shadow, while instilling a hushed tranquility."
End your workday or start your weekend with an art buzz. If George thinks it's worth it, I'm there.
Warning: you will pass through SPG's eclectic retail store. Some items designed by George. Others just plain cool. You will suffer much want.

Suyama Space
Friday, 5-7 p.m.
Saturday, noon, artist gallery talk
2324 Second Ave. Seattle. 98121
Otherwise open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. But, like I say, you have to buzz.

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