Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to work, everybody

They call it Labor Day, but it's one day most of us do not labor. Hmmmm. Existential that.
Well, we're all back at it now, aren't we? And here we are, snug in the two-man luge at the top of the slippery slope into Christmas, what with the sacks of Halloween candy stacked up like firewood near the cash register at the grocery store.

OK, here's something to get us off and running this week. (Also known as the Free Cheap Wine Report)
On Friday, Sept. 10, you should run here: To the corner of Jackson and First in Pioneer Square, Seattle, for the 30th anniversary hoop-de-do for Northwest Fine Woodworking.
This is a co-op of local furniture artists; men and women who craft beautiful pieces one at a time in their shops that were once garages, or out back, or in workshops some are lucky enough to have. The 18 artists of NWFW encompass many styles. Some make a pretty good living at it, others are subsidized by spouses, but all continue doing what they must, like any artist. Friday they celebrate turning 30, and even the opportunity to turn 30 in light of the crappy economy and competing against the ready-made likes of Ikea (no slam to Ikea. I'm just sayin')
The thing is from 6 to 8 p.m., and it's a very tactile event. You can pet the wood. You will want to. It's lovely. I know. I've written about some of these guys before, and it damned near killed the savings account.
There are more furniture makers in our area than even represented here. We are a lucky bunch.
Don't assume. Go see. Learn something.

See more: www.nwfinewoodworking.com

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